Hey busy lady! Are you tired of wrecking your health and ruining your relationships because you work too much?

Welcome to The Women’s Wisdom Community – Soon to be The new home of 

The Happy Woman Academy!

Science-based Happiness Training Programs to Boost Your Health, Wealth, & Love Life!

It is no accident you’ve found us and I’m so glad you are here.  I bet you are a smart woman, but maybe you thought your life would be different by this age. You wish you could end the struggle of juggling work and love without losing your own well being – or your professional edge. If you want a change and need to get on the right track, but you just can’t seem to stay motivated and you’re sick of wasting your time and money and not seeing results – then the WWC is for you. This is where you’ll learn the secret to keeping your career and love-life on fire, without burning yourself out.  I combine proven neuroscience & physics based healing systems  with compassion and humor to give you immediate ways to:

I want transformation within the next 20 mins! Give me the eye opening mini course:
“3 Steps to Keep Your Career & Relationship on Fire Without Burning Yourself Out!"

  • Let go of past baggage that sabotages your health, wealth, relationships, & happiness!
  • Stop putting everyone & everything else first and you last.
  • Keep your satisfying career without sacrificing your love-life, health, or losing your Self.
  • Stay motivated and on track in the company of trusted, accepting, compassionate allies that are supportive and a source of outrageous fun.  No more going it alone!
  • Unleash a magnetic presence so your ideal partner finds you (instead of you chasing him) or learn how to reinvigorate the relationship you are in!
  • Go from stressed out and over-whelmed to a Calm Centered Powerhouse!
  • Make peace with your body and Ignite your empowered inner hot mama so you can enjoy today and look forward to each day of your bright future!

How do I know that this will work for you?  For the last 22 years I’ve helped hundreds of people overcome their inner obstacles and transform situations that they feared would never change – including myself!  I used to put all of my energy into my career, then I’d put everyone and everything else’s needs before my own. I didn’t know how to have a happy marriage and there was never time left for me. That way of life is so easy to slip into.  While my career is still successful, I now have the best relationship of my life and my health is better than it’s ever been – even as I enter menopause!

It’s too hard to do everything on your own.  Healing power magnifies in groups of dedicated people, bringing faster results in shorter amounts of time.  The WWC is an allegiance of strong women who want to help you succeed in manifesting the happy life you truly deserve.

You can experience it for yourself for free in person.  Come on the monthly award winning Wisdom Hike.  The circle is always illuminating and you’ll get a tailored to you energy practice to keep the momentum going towards your goals long after the circle is over.  

Don’t live in LA.? No worries, The Women’s Wisdom Community programs are on-line with weekly powerful group phone classes!  Next virtual training Starts in 2015.

The Women’ s Wisdom Community is the real deal.  No more wasting your time and money on b.s. that just doesn’t work for you any more.  If you can commit to honestly show up, if you are willing to let us help you see where you are blind, if you want to become the (even more awesome) woman you know you are meant to be – then we welcome you with open arms into the Women’s Wisdom Community.  

“I was experiencing a lack in my career, romantic life, and finances and didn’t believe I was worthy to have what I truly desired nor did I know how it would be possible. After attending a WWC WoManifestation circle I felt less attached to my issues and approach it all with more joy and more smarts.

For me the WWC is a place to seek strength, wisdom, and love.  I feel so safe there and it’s a very powerful space that I believe all women yearn for in their lives. Be ready for change and ready to learn! This will uplift you towards your goals and dreams. The WWC has changed my life and I am so grateful for Elizabeth and the work she is doing. I am proud to be a woman – wise, sexy, and strong!”
– Christina, Santa Monica, CA

“I joined the WWC last year because I felt an overall yearning for a community of like-minded people.  Back then, thinking about my finances really stressed me out, but within a month I no longer felt overwhelmed or stressed about money!  I have peace in my life, and I have shifted into an attitude of gratitude.  Joining the Women’s Wisdom Community is truly showing up for yourself and honoring your very personal, innate yearning for fulfillment.

If you are at all curious, just do it, even if it feels scary. You will find that the environment is safe.Elizabeth is a truly gifted healer and in her strength, wisdom, compassion, and integrity, she helps you feel empowered.”
– Rachel Morihiro, Monterey Park, CA
Actor, http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1371509/

I want transformation within the next 20 mins! Give me the eye opening mini course:
“3 Steps to Keep Your Career & Relationship on Fire Without Burning Yourself Out!"

“Unsatisfying dating partners and chronic pain were the two main issues in my life.

I started seeing results with the WWC in just a few days. Need to carry a sofa? Why would you try to do that alone? That’s just silly, and it’s definitely going to hurt you. Opening yourself up to getting help radically changes everything about how you’re approaching a problem, plus, in the WWC you’re actually getting real help.

The other women in the circle are wise and can see things about you that you can’t, and Elizabeth is great at keeping things “clean” so women get to experience communication that is consistently and genuinely supportive.”
– L.E., Hollywood, CA
Educator & Performer http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/briefeingoldafrica

“I was struggling with my partner, career, and emotions and I felt a lot of stress, anger, frustration, and depression. I signed up with the WWC and immediately noticed changes.  I feel more relaxed, I’ve learned how to deal with stress, I can respond calmly to things that used to upset me, and I consider my own well being when making important decisions.

I used to spend too much time alone, now my life is so much richer because I have close female friends that bring me joy.  The thing that makes the WWC WoManifestation circles so effective for me is the group aspect and having women who are present and listening.

My advice: we are here to give you our attention and support, so get your beautiful self into the WWC and watch your life transform. I am so grateful to have Women’s Wisdom Community in my life and want to thank Elizabeth for her commitment to helping women in need!”
– M.K., Bel Aire, CA

“I came to the WWC a few months ago because I needed romantic help.  I realized that I was able to feel tenderness and love with everyone but my romantic partner. After just 1 week of joining the WWC I started to see changes.

Soon I was able to allow the emotions out of me and share them with my partner, finally experiencing the warmth I had been missing.Elizabeth and the other women in the WWC were instrumental in helping me learn to open my heart to my partner and change the way I was relating with him.

I think the WWC is effective because Elizabeth creates a safe space to open up and be vulnerable in a circle of non-judgmental and supportive women.  Go! Now!”
– Tatyanna M. Wilkinson, North Hollywood, CA
Creatrix/Web Designer Egeria Consulting

“Before coming to the WWC I was having a hard time navigating a troubled relationship, unsure about where to live, felt unhealthy, and challenged by tough situations at work. The consistent support of the WWC helped me to understand healthful action, better listen to myself and others, and to suspend judgment.

I now feel more freedom to be myself and to act with integrity and self-respect. The support of the WWC gives you the tools to respond to ups and downs in a way that will solve current issues and allow you to live in a way that also prevents many future issues.  Thank you WWC for all that you do!”
– Lauren, Palms, CA
Artist  artdeck.blogspot.com

“I’ve only attended 2 WoManifestation Hikes so far but the first changes I noticed were that I felt happier alone and among family and friends.  I had been struggling with emotions, but Elizabeth gave me a mantra to focus on and all of a sudden everything shifted towards new direction!  I will keep receiving more support from my new sisters in the WWC!”
– Ellie Bitaraf, Pasadena, CA
My passion is helping unprepared women become financially secure www.fa.ml.com/elaheh.bitaraf

I want transformation within the next 20 mins! Give me the eye opening mini course:
“3 Steps to Keep Your Career & Relationship on Fire Without Burning Yourself Out!"



About me, Elizabeth Menzel: Hi!  I serve as a Women’s Success Mentor, best selling author, speaker, & founder of the award winning Women’s Wisdom Community – a safe and sacred environment for women to transform. My Raise Your Vibe book series and programs focus on ending the cycle of sacrifice, sabotage, and neglect so that women can enjoy massive success in their career, health, and love life. I combine proven neuroscience and physics based healing systems with compassion and humor so you get long-term results in a short amount of time. I have the ability to see inside your body & energy field to quickly get to the root of your problem and have facilitated thousands of transformations over the last 22 years. My “Centered, Sexy, & Successful Woman” live events & “Happy Woman Formula” trainings teach busy women of all ages powerful “on the go” ways to heal their body, invigorate their romance, and boost their career – so they can receive more money while enjoying life more fully!

I’ve traveled the world relentlessly training in energy healing since 1993.  I was trained by the first female physicist at Nasa, Dr. Barbara Brennan, in physics based energy healing modalities. I’ve lived in a Tibetan Monastery, received indoctrination from South American Tribal Elder Shamans, received Darshan from Guru Mai, personally trained with: Qi Gong Master Chen, Byron Katie, Dr. John Pierrakos, Isaac Shapiro, Dr. Marshal Rosenberg, and Tony Parsons, is a certified Louise L. Hay workshop leader, & realized Source in 2003. I hope to see you at one of our events, hikes, parties, trainings, retreats, and WoManifestation Circles™ soon.

The mission of the Women’s Wisdom Community is to offer women a sacred space to overcome self-sacrifice, sabotage, & neglect, connect with their true inner power, and transform their health, wealth, & relationships by using proven neuroscience & quantum physics based healing systems and the power of communion, laughter, and serious FUN! We’re here to support you, hold you accountable, keep you motivated, and witness your growth.

The vision of the Women’s Wisdom Community is to restore the Feminine to her rightful place of honor & value next to the Masculine in society, thereby restoring harmonic balance to humanity, the earth, & nature. Big vision, I know, but it’s the one I’ve got.

Photo Credit: Emilie Zeug